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Domancar Orona
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I am interested in the molecular biochemistry of the mistletoe-host interaction. I mainly study biomolecules such as enzymes, metabolites, proteins, defenses, and physiological responses to initial infection.
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Extracellular Self- and Non-Self DNA Involved in Damage Recognition in the Mistletoe Parasitism of Mesquite Trees

In this study, we analyzed the stress responses to the exogenous application of self exDNA and nonself exDNA from the mistletoe P. calyculatus as a source of DAMPs in mesquite trees (P. laevigata). Mesquite trees perceive self- and non-self exDNA with the synthesis of ROS-enzymes system, MAPKs activation and spatial concentrations of phytohormones. […]

January 12, 2024
How the mistletoe infects a host tree?

A research that talks about the molecular infective process of the Psittacanthus calyculathus mistletoe on mesquite trees. Lignocellulolytic enzymes, proteins, phytohormones and proteases involved in the infectious process were analyzed. It is an open access article with freely downloadable at the following link: […]

February 14, 2023
Mistletoe flowers that manipulate the behavior of flower visitors

 Mistletoe flowers that showed different pollinator syndromes (traits) that are able to engage and manipulate the behavior of flower visitors and contribute to the reproduction of the parasitic plant. […]