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Welcome to the homepage of the International Parasitic Plant Society (IPPS). The IPPS is dedicated to advancing scientific research on parasitic plants. Our goals include increasing the understanding of these amazing plants, providing a platform for exchange among and beyond the scientific community as well as helping to decrease the crop damage inflicted by weedy parasitic plants.

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Most Recent 'Parasitic Plant' Publications in Scopus
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  1. Phenolics from the Bolivian highlands food plant Ombrophytum subterraneum (Aspl.) B. Hansen (Balanophoraceae): Antioxidant and α-glucosidase inhibitory activity
    Nina, N. & Theoduloz, C. & Giménez, A. & Schmeda-Hirschmann, G. in "Food Research International"
    Sunday 18 October 2020 20:55
  2. Genetic diversity and inter-trait relationships among maize inbreds containing genes from zea diploperennis and Hybrid Performance under Contrasting Environments
    Akaogu, I.C. & Badu-Apraku, B. & Gracen, V. & Tongoona, P. & Gedil, M. & Unachukwu, N. & Offei, S.K. & Dzidzienyo, D.K. & Hearne, S. & Garcia-Oliveira, A.L. in "Agronomy"
    Monday 19 October 2020 11:58
  3. Phenylethaniod glycosides from Orobanche pycnostachya Hance and their chemotaxonomic significance
    Wang, X. & Li, C. & Jiang, L. & Huang, H. & Li, M. in "Biochemical Systematics and Ecology"
    Saturday 17 October 2020 10:59
  4. Epigenetic mechanisms of plant adaptation to biotic and abiotic stresses
    Ashapkin, V.V. & Kutueva, L.I. & Aleksandrushkina, N.I. & Vanyushin, B.F. in "International Journal of Molecular Sciences"
    Friday 16 October 2020 05:56
  5. Microscopic Investigations and Pharmacognosy of Striga orobanchioides Benth
    Vikhe, S. & Kunkulol, R. in "Pharmacognosy Journal"
    Friday 16 October 2020 05:56
  6. Anti-influenza virus activity and chemical components from the parasitic plant cuscuta japonica choisy on dimocarpus longans lour
    Cheng, J.-C. & Liaw, C.-C. & Lin, M.-K. & Chen, C.-J. & Chao, C.-L. & Chao, C.-H. & Kuo, Y.-H. & Chiu, Y.-P. & Peng, Y.-S. & Huang, H.-C. in "Molecules"
    Wednesday 14 October 2020 05:01
  7. Introgression Breeding in Cowpea [Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp.]
    Boukar, O. & Abberton, M. & Oyatomi, O. & Togola, A. & Tripathi, L. & Fatokun, C. in "Frontiers in Plant Science"
    Saturday 10 October 2020 00:03
  8. Globrauneine A–F: six new triterpenoid esters from the leaves of Globimetula braunii
    Muhammad, K.J. & Jamil, S. & Basar, N. & Sarker, S.D. & Mohammed, M.G. in "Natural Product Research"
    Thursday 08 October 2020 10:12
  9. Exploration of resistance to Phelipanche aegyptiaca in tomato
    Bai, J. & Wei, Q. & Shu, J. & Gan, Z. & Li, B. & Yan, D. & Huang, Z. & Guo, Y. & Wang, X. & Zhang, L. & Cui, Y. & Lu, X. & Lu, J. & Pan, C. & Hu, J. & Du, Y. & Liu, L. & Li, J. in "Pest Management Science"
    Thursday 08 October 2020 10:12
  10. Infestation of field dodder (Cuscuta campestris yunck.) promotes changes in host dry weight and essential oil production in two aromatic plants, peppermint and chamomile
    Sarić-Krsmanović, M. & Dragumilo, A. & Umiljendić, J.G. & Radivojević, L. & Šantrić, L. & Ðurović-Pejčev, R. in "Plants"
    Tuesday 06 October 2020 07:56
  11. Efficacy of mushroom metabolites (Pleurotus ostreatus) as a natural product for the suppression of broomrape growth (orobanche crenata forsk) in faba bean plants
    Elsakhawy, T. & Alkahtani, M.D.F. & Sharshar, A.A.H. & Attia, K.A. & Hafez, Y.M. & Abdelaal, K.A.A. in "Plants"
    Sunday 04 October 2020 05:58
  12. Fatty acid composition in seeds of holoparasitic Orobanchaceae from the Caucasus region: Relation to species, climatic conditions and nutritional value
    Ruraż, K. & Piwowarczyk, R. & Gajdoš, P. & Krasylenko, Y. & Čertík, M. in "Phytochemistry"
    Sunday 04 October 2020 05:58
  13. Cuscuta australis (dodder) parasite eavesdrops on the host plants’ FT signals to flower
    Shen, G. & Liu, N. & Zhang, J. & Xu, Y. & Baldwin, I.T. & Wu, J. in "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America"
    Saturday 26 September 2020 04:56
  14. Identification of QTLs for grain yield and other traits in tropical maize under Striga infestation
    Badu-Apraku, B. & Adewale, S. & Angelot Paterne, A. & Gedil, M. & Toyinbo, J. & Asiedu, R. in "PLoS ONE"
    Saturday 26 September 2020 04:56
  15. Mapping the drivers of parasitic weed abundance at a national scale: a new approach applied to Striga asiatica in the mid-west of Madagascar
    Scott, D. & Scholes, J.D. & Randrianjafizanaka, M.T. & Randriamampianina, J.A. & Autfray, P. & Freckleton, R.P. in "Weed Research"
    Friday 25 September 2020 03:17
  16. Effectiveness of yellow maize testers with varying resistance reactions to striga hermonthica for evaluating the combining ability of maize inbred lines
    Zebire, D. & Menkir, A. & Adetimirin, V. & Mengesha, W. & Meseka, S. & Gedil, M. in "Agronomy"
    Thursday 24 September 2020 01:56
  17. Adaptation of grass pea (lathyrus sativus) to mediterranean environments
    Rubiales, D. & Emeran, A.A. & Flores, F. in "Agronomy"
    Thursday 24 September 2020 01:56
  18. Management of infection by parasitic weeds: A review
    Fernández-Aparicio, M. & Delavault, P. & Timko, M.P. in "Plants"
    Saturday 19 September 2020 21:02
  19. Synthesis of Active Strigolactone Analogues Based on Eudesmane- and Guaiane-Type Sesquiterpene Lactones
    Zorrilla, J.G. & Cala, A. & Rial, C. & R Mejías, F.J. & Molinillo, J.M.G. & Varela, R.M. & Macías, F.A. in "Journal of agricultural and food chemistry"
    Friday 18 September 2020 20:58
  20. Identification of Arceuthobium globosum using unmanned aerial vehicle images in a high mountain forest of central Mexico
    León-Bañuelos, L.A. & Endara-Agramont, A.R. & Gómez-Demetrio, W. & Martínez-García, C.G. & Gabino Nava-Bernal, E. in "Journal of Forestry Research"
    Thursday 10 September 2020 10:59

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