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Welcome to the homepage of the International Parasitic Plant Society (IPPS). The IPPS is dedicated to advancing scientific research on parasitic plants. Our goals include increasing the understanding of these amazing plants, providing a platform for exchange among and beyond the scientific community as well as helping to decrease the crop damage inflicted by weedy parasitic plants.

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Most Recent 'Parasitic Plant' Publications in Scopus

  1. Fertilisers differentially affect facultative and obligate parasitic weeds of rice and only occasionally improve yields in infested fields
    Tippe, D.E. & Bastiaans, L. & van Ast, A. & Dieng, I. & Cissoko, M. & Kayeke, J. & Makokha, D.W. & Rodenburg, J. in "Field Crops Research"
    Tuesday 02 June 2020 10:01
  2. Hormonal seed-priming improves tomato resistance against broomrape infection
    Madany, M.M.Y. & Zinta, G. & Abuelsoud, W. & Hozzein, W.N. & Selim, S. & Asard, H. & Elgawad, H.A. in "Journal of Plant Physiology"
    Saturday 30 May 2020 05:58
  3. Multi-source spatial data-based invasion risk modeling of Striga (Striga asiatica) in Zimbabwe
    Mudereri, B.T. & Abdel-Rahman, E.M. & Dube, T. & Landmann, T. & Khan, Z. & Kimathi, E. & Owino, R. & Niassy, S. in "GIScience and Remote Sensing"
    Wednesday 27 May 2020 22:00
  4. Screening of reference genes based on real-time quantitative PCR analysis in Monochasma savatieri | 沙氏鹿茸草实时荧光定量PCR内参基因筛选
    Guo, J. & Zhang, H. & Guo, Q.-S. & Zhu, Z.-B. & Shi, Y.-T. & Tian, H.-Q. & Huang, Z.-G. in "Zhongguo Zhongyao Zazhi"
    Friday 22 May 2020 13:59
  5. Genome-wide association study of Striga resistance in early maturing white tropical maize inbred lines
    Adewale, S.A. & Badu-Apraku, B. & Akinwale, R.O. & Paterne, A.A. & Gedil, M. & Garcia-Oliveira, A.L. in "BMC plant biology"
    Thursday 21 May 2020 12:58
  6. Lathraea squamaria L. (Orobanchaceae): A review of its botany, phytochemistry, traditional uses and pharmacology
    Bokov, D.O. & Barkalova, V.E. & Suslikova, M.A. & Sokhin, D.M. & Kakhramanova, S.D. & Rendyuk, T.D. & Strelyaeva, A.V. & Antsyshkina, A.M. & Balobanova, N.P. & Prostodusheva, T.V. & Grikh, V.V. & Krasnyuk Junior, I.I. & Marakhova, A.I. & Moiseev, D.V. in "Pharmacognosy Journal"
    Thursday 21 May 2020 12:58
  7. DiSCount: Computer vision for automated quantification of Striga seed germination
    Masteling, R. & Voorhoeve, L. & Ijsselmuiden, J. & Dini-Andreote, F. & De Boer, W. & Raaijmakers, J.M. in "Plant Methods"
    Wednesday 20 May 2020 11:55
  8. Predicting the potential distribution of the parasitic Cuscuta chinensis under global warming
    Ren, Z. & Zagortchev, L. & Ma, J. & Yan, M. & Li, J. in "BMC ecology"
    Wednesday 20 May 2020 11:55
  9. Evaluation of cytotoxic and anticancer effect of Orobanche crenata methanolic extract on cancer cell lines
    Hegazy, M.G. & Imam, A.M. & Abdelghany, B.E. in "Tumour biology : the journal of the International Society for Oncodevelopmental Biology and Medicine"
    Friday 15 May 2020 02:01
  10. Maize farmer preferences for intercropping systems to reduce Striga in Malawi
    Silberg, T.R. & Richardson, R.B. & Lopez, M.C. in "Food Security"
    Monday 11 May 2020 20:58
  11. New lectotypification of the Linnaean name Buchnera asiatica (Orobanchaceae)
    Singh, R.K. in "Kew Bulletin"
    Saturday 09 May 2020 18:58
  12. A New Series of Carlactonoic Acid Based Strigolactone Analogs for Fundamental and Applied Research
    Jamil, M. & Kountche, B.A. & Wang, J.Y. & Haider, I. & Jia, K.-P. & Takahashi, I. & Ota, T. & Asami, T. & Al-Babili, S. in "Frontiers in Plant Science"
    Thursday 07 May 2020 11:00
  13. Parasitic interactions of Orobanche with selected Nicotiana species and identification of effective resistant genotypes
    Swarnalatha, G. & Sarala, K. & Prabhakara Rao, K. & Baghyalakshmi, K. & Sambasiva Rao, K.R.S. & Poorna Bindu, J. in "Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution"
    Thursday 07 May 2020 11:00
  14. Responses of Rhizospheric Microbial Communities of Native and Alien Plant Species to Cuscuta Parasitism
    Brunel, C. & Beifen, Y. & Pouteau, R. & Li, J. & van Kleunen, M. in "Microbial Ecology"
    Friday 01 May 2020 07:50
  15. Selective mineral transport barriers at Cuscuta-host infection sites
    Förste, F. & Mantouvalou, I. & Kanngießer, B. & Stosnach, H. & Lachner, L.A.-M. & Fischer, K. & Krause, K. in "Physiologia Plantarum"
    Monday 27 April 2020 22:57
  16. Horizontal Gene Transfer has Impacted cox1 Gene Evolution in Cassytha filiformis
    Zhang, C. & Ma, H. & Sanchez-Puerta, M.V. & Li, L. & Xiao, J. & Liu, Z. & Ci, X. & Li, J. in "Journal of Molecular Evolution"
    Monday 27 April 2020 22:57
  17. Antioxidant Activity of some Secondary metabolites from Tapinanthus bangwensis (Engl., and K. Krause) [Loranthaceae] Grown in Nigeria
    Atewolara-Odule, O.C. & Aiyelaagbe, O.O. & Olubomehin, O.O. & Ogunmoye, A.O. & Feyisola, R.T. & Sanusi, A.S. in "Scientific African"
    Monday 27 April 2020 22:57
  18. CYP722C from Gossypium arboreum catalyzes the conversion of carlactonoic acid to 5-deoxystrigol
    Wakabayashi, T. & Shida, K. & Kitano, Y. & Takikawa, H. & Mizutani, M. & Sugimoto, Y. in "Planta"
    Monday 27 April 2020 22:57
  19. Proteomics unravels new candidate genes for Meloidogyne resistance in wild Arachis
    Martins, A.C.Q. & Mehta, A. & Murad, A.M. & Mota, A.P.Z. & Saraiva, M.A.P. & Araújo, A.C.G. & Miller, R.N.G. & Brasileiro, A.C.M. & Guimarães, P.M. in "Journal of Proteomics"
    Thursday 16 April 2020 01:56
  20. Interactions between nurse plants and parasitic beneficiaries: A theoretical approach to indirect facilitation
    Melfo, A. & Callaway, R.M. & Llambí, L.D. in "Journal of Theoretical Biology"
    Monday 13 April 2020 23:02

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