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Welcome to the homepage of the International Parasitic Plant Society (IPPS). The IPPS is dedicated to advancing scientific research on parasitic plants. Our goals include increasing the understanding of these amazing plants, providing a platform for exchange among and beyond the scientific community as well as helping to decrease the crop damage inflicted by weedy parasitic plants.

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Most Recent 'Parasitic Plant' Publications in Scopus

  1. Absence of polyphenol oxidase in cynomorium coccineum, a widespread holoparasitic plant
    Padiglia, A. & Zucca, P. & Cannea, F.B. & Diana, A. & Maxia, C. & Murtas, D. & Rescigno, A. in "Plants"
    Tuesday 11 August 2020 00:02
  2. Host-parasite tissue adhesion by a secreted type of β-1,4-glucanase in the parasitic plant Phtheirospermum japonicum
    Kurotani, K.-I. & Wakatake, T. & Ichihashi, Y. & Okayasu, K. & Sawai, Y. & Ogawa, S. & Cui, S. & Suzuki, T. & Shirasu, K. & Notaguchi, M. in "Communications Biology"
    Thursday 06 August 2020 00:55
  3. Multichromosomal structure and foreign tracts in the Ombrophytum subterraneum (Balanophoraceae) mitochondrial genome
    Roulet, M.E. & Garcia, L.E. & Gandini, C.L. & Sato, H. & Ponce, G. & Sanchez-Puerta, M.V. in "Plant Molecular Biology"
    Sunday 02 August 2020 10:00
  4. Populations of the Parasitic Plant Phelipanche ramosa Influence Their Seed Microbiota
    Huet, S. & Pouvreau, J.-B. & Delage, E. & Delgrange, S. & Marais, C. & Bahut, M. & Delavault, P. & Simier, P. & Poulin, L. in "Frontiers in Plant Science"
    Saturday 01 August 2020 07:19
  5. Physiological and growth responses of cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) genotypes to Egyptian broomrape (Phelipanche aegyptiaca (Pers.) Pomel) parasitism
    Faradonbeh, N.H. & Darbandi, E.I. & Karimmojeni, H. & Nezami, A. in "Acta Physiologiae Plantarum"
    Saturday 01 August 2020 07:19
  6. An auxin transport network underlies xylem bridge formation between the hemi-parasitic plant Phtheirospermum japonicum and host Arabidopsis
    Wakatake, T. & Ogawa, S. & Yoshida, S. & Shirasu, K. in "Development (Cambridge, England)"
    Friday 31 July 2020 06:58
  7. Chemome profiling and comparison of three Orobanche medicinal plants | 3种列当属药用植物化学成分比较分析
    Zhang, K. & Gong, X.-C. & Cao, L.-B. & Jia, J.-R. & Tu, P.-F. & Song, Q.-Q. & Song, Y.-L. in "Zhongguo Zhongyao Zazhi"
    Tuesday 28 July 2020 03:56
  8. Striga resistance and compatibility of maize genotypes to a biocontrol agent, Fusarium oxysporum f.sp.strigea
    Shayanowako, A.I.T. & Shimelis, H. & Laing, M.D. & Mwadzingeni, L. in "Journal of Crop Improvement"
    Sunday 19 July 2020 10:59
  9. Characterization of an endophytic bacterium (Pseudomonas aeruginosa), originating from tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.), and its ability to inhabit the parasitic weed Phelipanche aegyptiaca
    Iasur Kruh, L. & Bari, V.K. & Abu-Nassar, J. & Lidor, O. & Aly, R. in "Plant Signaling and Behavior"
    Sunday 19 July 2020 10:59
  10. Extensive gene loss in the plastome of holoparasitic plant Cistanche tubulosa (Orobanchaceae)
    Xu, W. & Chen, H. & Tian, L. & Jiang, M. & Yang, Q. & Wang, L. & Ahmad, B. & Huang, L. in "Mitochondrial DNA Part B: Resources"
    Saturday 18 July 2020 09:56
  11. Mining Sudanese Medicinal Plants for Antiprotozoal Agents
    Mahmoud, A.B. & Mäser, P. & Kaiser, M. & Hamburger, M. & Khalid, S. in "Frontiers in Pharmacology"
    Monday 13 July 2020 03:58
  12. Broomrape threat to agriculture
    Rubiales, D. in "Outlooks on Pest Management"
    Saturday 11 July 2020 00:00
  13. Auxin transport network underlies xylem bridge formation between the hemi-parasitic plant Phtheirospermum japonicum and host Arabidopsis
    Wakatake, T. & Ogawa, S. & Yoshida, S. & Shirasu, K. in "Development (Cambridge, England)"
    Wednesday 08 July 2020 08:56
  14. A multilocus phylogeny of the non-photosynthetic parasitic plant Cistanche (Orobanchaceae) refutes current taxonomy and identifies four major morphologically distinct clades
    Ataei, N. & Schneeweiss, G.M. & Angel García, M. & Krug, M. & Lehnert, M. & Valizadeh, J. & Quandt, D. in "Molecular phylogenetics and evolution"
    Wednesday 08 July 2020 08:56
  15. Witchweed's suicidal germination: Can slenderleaf help?
    Mwakha, F.A. & Budambula, N.L.M. & Neondo, J.O. & Gichimu, B.M. & Odari, E.O. & Kamau, P.K. & Odero, C. & Kibet, W. & Runo, S. in "Agronomy"
    Saturday 04 July 2020 06:56
  16. Native parasitic plants: Biological control for plant invasions?
    Těšitel, J. & Cirocco, R.M. & Facelli, J.M. & Watling, J.R. in "Applied Vegetation Science"
    Saturday 04 July 2020 06:56
  17. Plant science's next top models
    Cesarino, I. & Dello Ioio, R. & Kirschner, G.K. & Ogden, M.S. & Picard, K.L. & Rast-Somssich, M.I. & Somssich, M. in "Annals of botany"
    Saturday 27 June 2020 23:58
  18. Exploring Dittrichia viscosa (L.) Greuter phytochemical diversity to explain its antimicrobial, nematicidal and insecticidal activity
    Grauso, L. & Cesarano, G. & Zotti, M. & Ranesi, M. & Sun, W. & Bonanomi, G. & Lanzotti, V. in "Phytochemistry Reviews"
    Saturday 27 June 2020 02:58
  19. Cuscuta seeds: Diversity and evolution, value for systematics/identification and exploration of allometric relationships
    Olszewski, M. & Dilliott, M. & García-Ruiz, I. & Bendarvandi, B. & Costea, M. in "PLoS ONE"
    Friday 26 June 2020 01:03
  20. Generalist mistletoes and their hosts and potential hosts in an urban area in southwest China
    Ma, R. & Miao, N. & Zhang, H. & Tao, W. & Mao, K. & Moermond, T.C. in "Urban Forestry and Urban Greening"
    Thursday 25 June 2020 00:02

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