IPPS seminar May 3, 2023 at 4 PM cet

Hanan Eizenberg and Ahmet Uludag The 2nd 2023 monthly IPPS seminar will be held Wednesday 3 May at 4:00 pm central European time. You can use this website for time zone conversion. The next seminars will take place on 7 June and 5 July, combined with the IPPS General Assembly. On 3 May we will […]

The IPPS seminars start again on April 5, 2023 at 4 PM cet

After a break, in which we had the 16th World Congress on Parasitic Plants in Nairobi, Kenya, the Executive Committee of the IPPS is happy to announce we are resuming our monthly IPPS seminar series, starting Wednesday 5 April. As with the previous series, talks will be every 1st Wednesday of the month at 4:00 […]

From Haustorium 82: Natural super glue from mistletoe berries

A team of researchers from the Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces (MPICI) and McGill University in Canada discovered strong adhesive properties of white-berry mistletoe. The mistletoe berry’s flexible fibers adhere to both skin and cartilage as well as to various synthetic materials and could find application in many fields, such as wound sealant […]

From Haustorium 82: Parasitic plants. Should gorillas be concerned?

Orobanche minor, small broomrape, is found throughout much of East Africa and parasitizes a diversity of hosts. Of particular interest in Rwanda is its parasitism of Peucedanum linderi, wild celery, a main food of mountain gorillas. Small broomrape parasitizing wild celery in a garden of plants favored by mountain gorillas. The broomrape is just above […]

Poll to find best date for WCPP17 in Nara, Japan

The Society and the local meeting organizers ask all members to help us find the best meeting data for the next International Congress on Parasitic Plants, to be held in Nara, Japan. Members can access the poll in the member-only section (login required). We have two candidate dates in June or July, 2024. To find […]

Abdul Gabbar Tayeb Babiker 1949-2022

When I was asked to say a few words in memory of my friend and fellow strigologist, Abdul Gabbar Babiker, I did not expect all the accolades and affection that speakers at the 16th World Congress on Parasitic Plants (WCPP) in Nairobi rightly gave him, even having a presentation dedicated to him. I spent a […]

WCPP16 Poster Prizes go to Japan and Kenya

It is a tradition to award the best three posters at the World Congress for Parasitic Plants, supported by the International Parasitic Plant Society (IPPS). This year at WCPP16 in Nairobi (Kenya), judging was particularly challenging for the jury, as the actual poster presentation by the authors could not be considered in order to ensure […]

IPPS awards Honorary Fellowship to five members

At the occasion of the 16th World Congress on Parasitic Plants held 3-8 July 2022 in Nairobi, Kenya, the IPPS has awarded Honorary Fellowships to (from left to right) Julie Scholes, Dan Nickrent, Abdelgabar Babiker (posthumous), Jonathan Gressel and Barach Rubin. They received this award for their service to the society and their important contributions […]