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The IPPS seminars start again on April 5, 2023 at 4 PM cet

After a break, in which we had the 16th World Congress on Parasitic Plants in Nairobi, Kenya, the Executive Committee of the IPPS is happy to announce we are resuming our monthly IPPS seminar series, starting Wednesday 5 April. As with the previous series, talks will be every 1st Wednesday of the month at 4:00 pm central european time. You can use this website for time zone conversion. The first half of the 2023 seminar series will take place on 5 April, 3 May, 7 June and 5 July. On 5 April we will have the following talks:

Dr Changsheng Li, from Hunan University, China and formerly from the Plant Hormone Biology group, at the University of Amsterdam, will present “Elucidation of the biosynthetic pathway and biological functions of strigolactones in maize and rice”, and

Prof. Moez Amri, from the University Mohammed VI will talk about “Breeding for resistance to broomrapes in cool season legumes: the cornerstone of a successful control strategy”.

IPPS members can join the seminar by a Zoom link provided in the members area of the IPPS website.
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4:00 PM cet = 7:00 AM Los Angeles, 9:00 AM Bogota, 10:00 AM New York/Santiago, 11:00 PM Brasilia, 4:00 PM Abuja/London, 4:00 PM Amsterdam/Berlin/Cape Town, 5:00 PM Tel Aviv/Nairobi, 10:00 PM Beijing, (next day) 11:00 PM Tokyo, 0:00 AM Canberra (next day).