IPPS Admin

Polls open for IPPS Executive Committee Election 2024

We are delighted to announce the opening of the polls for the 2024 Executive Committee (EC) election, seeking community-approved individuals to fill the roles of Vice President, Secretary, and two Members at Large. These esteemed positions entail a four-year term, with the exception of the Vice President, who serves an eight-year commitment. This extended tenure ensures a seamless transition into the Presidency of the Society upon completion of their term as Vice President.

We have 16 outstanding candidates for these positions: 5 for Vice President, 4 for Secretary, and 7 for Member at Large. Detailed biographies of all candidates are available at the bottom of the voting page. We encourage you to review these biographies carefully before casting your vote.

Our online voting platform is officially activated on the IPPS website exclusively for active society members. To cast your ballot for the candidates, simply sign in and proceed to: “Members-Only” > “Society Documents” > “Polling for Society Affairs.” Only active IPPS members can access and participate in this critical decision-making process. 

Please note that the closing date for voting is Friday, May 31.

Thank you for your help in shaping the future leadership of our Society!