Muhammad Jamil

Evaluation of granular formulated strigolactone analogs for Striga suicidal germination

Striga hermonthica, an obligate root parasitic weed, poses significant threat to cereal production in sub-Saharan Africa. Lowering Striga seed bank in infested soils is a promising strategy to mitigate infestation levels. The dependency of Striga seed germination on strigolactones opens up the possibility of a “suicidal germination” approach, where synthetic germination stimulants induce lethal germination in the absence of a host. Implementing this approach requires active germination stimulants with a suitable formulation for field application. Here, we describe the development of slow-releasing granular formulation of two potent germination stimulants ‘Methyl Phenlactonoate 3’ and ‘Nijmegen-1’ and the assessment of their activity under Lab, greenhouse, mini-field, and field conditions.