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IPPS Executive Committee Election 2024

We are delighted to announce the commencement of the nomination process for the 2024 Executive Committee (EC) election. This is an exceptional opportunity for committed members like yourself to actively shape the future trajectory and success of our organization. In 2024, the following positions within the IPPS Executive Committee will conclude their term of service: Vice President, Secretary, Editor, and two Members at Large. We invite nominations for these roles that contribute to the effective functioning of our society.

  1. Vice President:
    1) Perform the duties of the President if he/she cannot serve.
    2) Serve as Chair of the Scientific Program Committee for the biennial World Congress of Parasitic Plants meeting.
    3) Together with members of the Scientific Program Committee, develop the program for the general sessions of the meetings.
    4) Help to prepare a work schedule that includes all activities involved in preparing the international meeting and distribute it to the Executive Committee and to each other person assigned by name or title to perform any responsibility.
    5) Together with the Local Organiser and Scientific Program Committee, issue a call for papers giving instructions to authors regarding titles and abstracts of papers and including a list of Sections and Sectional Program Chairs.
    6) Perform other duties delegated by the President or the Executive Committee.
  2. Secretary:
    Be responsible for the recording and distributing minutes of all meetings of the Advisory Board, the Executive Committee, and the General Assembly meetings of the Society to the Advisory Board and the Executive Committee.
    1) Maintain an up-to-date list of all members of the Society, Advisory Board, Honorary Fellows, and Special Committees, and the dates and places of future Society meetings as scheduled. The list of members of the Society will be provided by the Secretary to the Treasurer for collection of membership fees.
    2) Prepare and maintain a calendar of events for the Society and assist the President in preparing and distributing the agenda for the Advisory Board, Executive Committee, and general meetings of the Society.
    3) Keep the Advisory Board informed of significant activities of the Society.
    4) Assist the President in maintaining liaison with other organizations with related interests and objectives.
    5) Perform the other duties as decided by Executive Committee.
  3. Editor:
    1) Have the responsibility for maintenance and updating of the content of the Society’s website.
    2) Supervise the preparation and distribution of the Society publications, including the newsletter. The newsletter shall be published a minimum of one issue per year. The Editor will be assisted by the Members at Large.
    (Note: Harro volunteers for the role of Editor to ensure a smooth transition and proper maintenance of the IPPS website.)
  4. Members at Large (2):
    1) Assist the Editor with maintenance and updating of the Society’s website.
    2) Prepare content for the Society’s website and newsletter.

Nomination Period:
• Start Date: March 25
• End Date: April 25
• Nominees must be IPPS member at the time of the election.
• Any member passionate about serving the parasitic plant research community and capable of fulfilling EC duties is eligible for nomination.
How to Nominate:
• Candidates for the position of Vice President shall be nominated and seconded by a member of the Society. The candidate must agree to the nomination. For all other positions, members are asked to self-nominate. All positions are then decided by a vote of the membership.
• Candidates may include a portrait photo and a 500-word statement covering biographical information, research interests, academic achievements, and motivations for standing for election.
Key Dates:
• Nominations open on March 25
• Nominations close on April 25
• Election opens on May 1
• Election closes on May 31
• Results announced on June 6 during WCPP17
• New EC members take office on July 1

Your active participation is crucial to our organization’s success. We encourage you to consider running for an Executive Committee position.
For more information or to submit a nomination, please contact the IPPS Secretary at secretary@parasiticplants.org