Jonne Rodenburg

Farmer-instruction video on Striga management in sorghum

More Sorghum, Less Striga? Using resistant cultivars and improved crop nutrition.

Striga is a parasitic weed causing severe yield losses to sorghum and other cereal crops in sub-Saharan Africa. This 17-minute farmer-instruction video emphasises the need for an integrated management approach to address that problem. The video shows examples of Striga-resistant sorghum cultivars and suggests combining these with targeted soil- and foliar applied fertilisers and growing legumes as inter- or rotation-crops. Kenyan sorghum farmers and researchers from KALRO and Kenyatta University (KU) explain how this can best be done. The video shows fertiliser calculations and application instructions. This is an output of the International Collaborations Award of the Royal Society, granted to Natural Resources Institute (Univ. of Greenwich) and Kenyatta University. Other language versions will be uploaded soon.         

English version: