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WCPP16 Poster Prizes go to Japan and Kenya

It is a tradition to award the best three posters at the World Congress for Parasitic Plants, supported by the International Parasitic Plant Society (IPPS). This year at WCPP16 in Nairobi (Kenya), judging was particularly challenging for the jury, as the actual poster presentation by the authors could not be considered in order to ensure equal chances of winning for on-site and virtual attendees. The WCPP16 poster prizes were awarded to:

1st Poster Prize (400 EUR): Lei Xiang, et al. “Identification of a prehaustoria suppressor in the root parasitic plant Phtheirospermum japonicum, NAIST, Japan

2nd Poster Prize (200 EUR): Mengqi Cui, et al. “Transcriptome landscape in haustoria for host-regulated vascular connections”, NAIST, Japan

3rd Poster Prize (100 EUR): Gilles Irafasha, et al. “A transcriptome atlas of striga seeds germination”, Kenyatta University, Kenya

Congratulations to the winners and all involved team members!! 

Poster contributions were evaluated by five poster judges regarding clarity, relevance, originality and novelty, and the overall research quality, each scored highest with five points.