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New paper: Growth-defense tradeoffs and source-sink relationship during both faba bean and lentil interactions with Orobanche crenata Forsk

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by: Mounia Ennami, Joseph Mbasani-mansi, Fatima Zahra Briache, Nada Oussible, Fatima Gaboun, Lamiae Ghaouti, Loubna Belqadi, Michel Edmond Ghanem, Kamal Aberkani, James Westwood, Rachid Mentag


  • Orobanche infections reduce biomass of hosts at the first stages of infection on both contrasting faba bean cultivars.
  • It is likely that plant growth-defense tradeoffs have a direct negative impact in host resource allocation.
  • Source-sink relationships explained the dry weight diversion from legumes to O. crenata during the last phases of infection.
  • O. crenata increase host root dry mater, maintain host vegetative parts; and delay and reduce host reproduction.