Jonne Rodenburg

Research fellow in crop and weed ecology/ plant sciences

NRInstitute Natural Resources Institute (NRI) - University of Greenwich

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An opportunity has arisen for a scientist with a background in crop or plant sciences and having relevant experience and vision to work with a small team of natural scientists to deliver research in the area of agronomy, weed science, parasitic plants, soil biology, crop protection. This person will assist NRI* in collaborations with national and international organisations to improve food security through better crop management strategies. More specifically, the person will take part in a 2ndphase research project (Promoting Root Microbes for Integrated Striga Eradication -PROMISE), funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The specific aim of the project is to investigate the application and management of soil microbiome to suppress parasitic weeds of the Striga genus. Soil-microbiome organisms (fungi and bacteria) identified as reducing Striga seed viability or stimulating germination, and microbial volatile organic compounds (mVOCs) inhibiting germination or killing seeds of Striga, will need tested, in semi-controlled (greenhouse) and arable field settings. Agroecological drivers (soil amendments or companion crop species), that could foster the functional microbiome or trigger the biosynthesis of potent mVOCs, will need to be assessed.

The successful candidate will join the Agriculture, Health and Environment Department, which has a well-established world renown group working on many aspects of agronomy and crop protection, and is particularly concerned with applying biological and ecological knowledge for reducing crop losses.

You will have a PhD, with least 2 years of proven post-PhD research experience in crop/plant/soil/weed science, and a good record of scientific publication. The position will involve frequent short-term overseas travel (to project-partner countries including in Africa).

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*NRI=Natural Resources Institute, University of Greenwich, United Kingdom

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